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Spiders are mostly not harmful to us,  as spiders also feed on other bugs and pests they can be considered beneficial to us too. However amongst our calls here at Best Pest for bed bugs, rats, mice, ant control and flying insects, spider elimination is one of the most popular calls we get here at Best Pest. 

One of the most common question that is asked is if the spider our customer has found at home is a dangerous spider, fortunately in many cases the answer is no.

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However of the 35000 species of spiders in the world, around 10,000 species of spider are believed to be found in Australia, unfortunately this includes some of the most dangerous ones like the redback spider and funnel web spiders. 

This likely accounts in part of our general fear of spiders, however it’s a little known fact that according to the Australian Museum there has only been one confirmed death from a spider bite between 1979 and 2018. Perhaps our phobia of spiders is more to do with the arachnids 8 legs and 8 eyes that sends shivers down our spines! 

So whilst statistically spiders are unlikely to you cause serious harm, some of them can be dangerous if not handled correctly (see our guide for getting rid of spiders), if you are unsure then just give our trained team a call.


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Professional Spider Pest Control Gold Coast

Prevention is the best course of action so we have put together a guide on preventing and getting rid of spiders [link].  But you may feel that you would like the security of a professional pest control company to take care of things.

Our professionally trained team can identify all types of spider and we won’t leave any spiders hanging around in your home or place of work when we’re done. Covering pest control for Brisbane and Gold Coast, our team of spider exterminators are the best way to tackle the problem. Best Pest Gold Coast have all the tools and years of expertise to help you get rid of those eight legged monsters in no time. 

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Many of us have that fear of opening your eyes from a deep slumber in bed to find a massive spider just hanging in front of our face, or it crawling across your head in the middle of the night, resulting in leaping out of bed whilst randomly brushing off whatever it was you felt crawl over you!

Most of us don’t want spiders making a home in our bedrooms or bathrooms, so before you Google “how to get rid of spiders”, “pest control for spiders”,  “which spiders are deadly” or even “spider extermination”, we have put together a guide to help you with your spider problem.

TYPES OF Australian Spider

The temptation is to just start killing the spider, however we recommend first to try and identify which spider you have found as this can greatly determine the correct course of action, fortunately our trained technicians here at Best Pest Gold Coast can identify and exterminate spiders in the home or workplace quickly and safely, but with over 10,000 types of Spider in Australia it can be worrying to know exactly which type of Spider you are dealing with.

Here is a quick guide for the australian spiders to look out for.



A fearsome little spider measuring just 1.5 cm –  3cm that has quite rightly earned the title of Australia’s deadliest spider. Found mostly in New South Wales, it particularly likes forests but is quite commonly found in suburban areas too.

This spider has a highly toxic venom that attacks the central nervous system, if bitten by a male spider the bite has the potential to be deadly. Using its large fangs that are bigger than the fangs on a brown snake, their bite is so powerful it can even pierce through toenails.

This spider has a highly toxic venom that attacks the central nervous system, if bitten by a male spider the bite has the potential to be deadly. Using its large fangs that are bigger than the fangs on a brown snake, their bite is so powerful it can even pierce through toenails.

Whilst the Sydney funnel web spider is very dangerous to humans, we do have an anti-venom, which has prevented deaths from their bites since its discovery in 1981.

Whilst we do have anti-venom, these spiders should be avoided and professional pest control treatment sought and should not be tackled yourself.

Fortunately for our best friend the dog or cat, the venom has little effect on them.


Australia’s next most deadly spider, a relation of the Black Widow spider. The Redback lives in many places including urban areas. Typically living in dry sheltered places like mailboxes, gardening sheds or even under toilet seats they are good at remaining hidden.

Again this bite can be fatal, fortunately since the discovery of antivenom for this spider there has only been one reported death since 1955, around 250 people every year are treated with antivenom for the Redback.

The female is the more dangerous of the two, it has the recognisable red stripe down her back and thus gains its name. Whilst the bite of the Redback attacks our central nervous system like the Sydney Funnel Web Spider, its fangs are considerably smaller which makes less of its bites effective.

Again due to the potency of the venom from this spider, we do not recommend tackling this spider yourself and to obtain professional spider removal and extermination service.



This spider previously held a reputation for releasing a “flesh eating venom”, these spiders hunt at night wandering and typically hunting other spiders. Found from South Queensland to Tasmania and from east to west coast they are found in urban areas as well as natural open araas.


Fortunately it turns out from recent studies that this spiders venom was not actually “flesh-eating” and has no major effect on humans beyond localised temporary pain,


The Mouse spider is found throughout Australia, living in burrows and typically near to water but occasionally they are found in suburban areas too.

Normally they are not aggressive, you will likely come across a male out in the open during the daytime unlike the female spider prefers to remain in the burrow.

The mouse spider is not considered to be dangerous, with only one case of a bite causing a serious reaction, however their venom is similar to that of the funnel web spider and as such should be treated seriously.


Fortunately this little spider which is found in many Australian gardens can cause only minor pain from its bite. The Orb-weaving spider is typically quite aggressive and can be the most likely spider to bite you.


At just between 1.5cm and 3cm and found in the garden, they tend to weave webs between trees, or washing lines as other flying insects tend to get caught in these spaces. As they are active at night, spend the day at rest with their legs withdrawn under the body in an orb shape, the spider hangs off a thread under a leaf or the washing  line.


Huntsman spiders are particularly famous for being the big scary, hairy, spider bolting out from behind that dark corner of the room! Fortunately they are reluctant to cause a bite and tend to seek safety when approached, their venom isn’t generally dangerous to humans.

These scary looking beasts have caused more injury from being discovered inside a car whilst driving, panic stricken drivers have crashed their vehicles as a Hunstman leaped out from their hiding place in the car.


Also known as Australian tarantulas, these whistling spiders make a sound by rubbing their front legs against their jaws. These spiders feed on insects, including other spiders and would occasionally prey on hatchlings of birds.

Not as large as the Huntsman spider they still hold an intimidating size with up to a 6cm body and 16 cm leg span, these large spiders are not fatal to humans; they can however deliver a painful bite due to the size of their fangs at 1cm long! They can, however, kill your pets as they have been known to kill dogs.


As for Spider prevention there are some tactics which can help in keeping them out in the first place.

  • Keep your outside lights off – Whilst spiders are not attracted by light, the insects they like to eat will be attracted to the lights so you will want to cut off their food sources.

  • Keep tidy –  Spiders love little hiding places, so banishing the clutter and regularly vacuuming will reduce the places for them to hide. Outside the home remove their hiding places near your exterior walls such as leaves, vegetation or cut grass.

  • Repair cracks and crevices – These are favourites of spiders to hide in, try and seal up cracks inside the home.

Natural Spider Repellent – Outside planting mint or eucalyptus can repel spiders. Essential oils inside the house such as peppermint oil, tea-tree, lavender or cinnamon can help keep them out. Spreading Horse Chestnuts (conkers) around your windowsill is an old wives’ tale, there has been no scientific evidence but many people report it to work.
Beware that some household pets find Horse Chestnuts poisonous so please check with your vet before doing this.


Best Pest offer a complete range of prevention treatments to protect your home or workplace from infestation by spiders. If you would like to speak to us or make a booking just Click the link below to view further details on our roach prevention and treatment services here at Best Pest Gold Coast.

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