Silverfish Pest Control


You’ve opened your wardrobe and your favourite clothing has a hole in it that you didn’t see when you put it there. You’ve noticed little holes in cardboard boxes and books that were also being stored there. It’s time to consider that you may have a silverfish infestation.

Adult Silverfish measure up to 20mm in length and are either brown-grey or blue-silver in colour.

Whilst Silverfish are not known for spreading disease but they can attract other insects into your home such as carpet beetles. These fish-like insects love warm humid conditions, laying up to 20 eggs per day you will need to get on top of a silverfish infestation quickly.

Because silverfish are nocturnal you are more likely to come across one on a late night trip to the bathroom, and if you walk barefoot then it might be quite an unpleasant surprise!

Silverfish Pest Removal

$79 Guarantee Pest Control Gold Coast

A popular search on Google is “How to get rid of silverfish”, as silverfish like to live in small humid crevices and spaces, this can make them particularly tricky to locate and treat. Also with the silverfish reproduction rate being so high, missing a small crack where they are hiding will have them back in your home or office again very quickly.

Best Pest Gold Coast know how to deal with Silverfish pest exterminations to ensure once they are gone they stay gone.

Our professional team will quickly identify the location and source of the silverfish problem and help you protect your home from re-infesting.

Our Best Value prevention treatment and elimination of silverfish infestations start from just $79.

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Prevention is the best course of action so we have put together a guide on preventing and getting rid of silverfish.  But you may feel that you would like the security of a professional pest control company to take care of things.

Our professionally trained team can identify all types of silverfish and we won’t leave any hanging around in your home or place of work when we’re done. Covering pest control for Brisbane and Gold Coast, our team of silverfish exterminators are the best way to tackle the problem. Best Pest Gold Coast have all the tools and years of expertise to help you get rid of those creepy looking monsters in no time. 

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We do get asked this question a lot and due to the risk of damage to personal possessions (such as books, paper and photographs, especially those stored in dark places such as wardrobes), we don’t recommend tackling the treatment of silverfish yourself.

However prevention is a key to stopping an early infestation


Keep it clean and tidy.

Silverfish just like many other pests love clutter which creates small spaces that they can hide in. Keeping your things off the floor and away in plastic containers along with cleaning and vacuuming will make the environment less hospitable to bugs and insects like silverfish.

Silverfish love starchy or sugary foods, such as breakfast cereals, these will attract silverfish. If you suspect an silverfish problem then remove the food source, keep cereals in plastic containers to keep the troublesome critters away.

Silverfish also eat paper too, so you have to be careful of leaving waste paper in an open bin or even a slightly peeled wallpaper can be a meal for a silverfish.

Silverfish can access your property through the smallest of cracks, so look out for any cracked seals on your window frames and seal them up. Check in your bathroom where it tends to be more damp and humid, cracks in the seals for showers and baths should be sealed up. That middle of the night trip to the bathroom could result in a middle of the night scream if a silverfish crawled over your feet whilst sitting there!

If you have an area of your home which is more damp than normal then consider investigating the issue of the damp or invest in a dehumidifier, this damp environment is perfect for young silverfish to develop.


Whilst at Best Pest Gold Coast we use family safe products to kill silverfish and stop them coming back for good, there are some natural products for you to try instead.

Lavender oil & cedar wood shavings are reported to have some success, although we have found that it’s not always enough to stop them coming back. You have to live with the smell from these natural repellents in your home too.

If you would like advice from the Best Pest Gold Coast Team send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.


If thorough cleaning of all the affected areas and commercial DIY treatments fail, our recommendation is turning to a specialist before the situation gets worse. We have specialists that will assess the problem and design a plan of action, as well as give you after-care expert advice for long-lasting results.

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